Effective October 20, 2020

These Terms of Service (“Giveback Programme Terms”) are between You (“the Customer”) and Elyps S.A. (“elyps”, “we”, ”us”, “our”) describe your participation in the elyps Giveback Programme (described hereafter as “the Programme”). You will be automatically enrolled in the Programme when you open the elyps account and these Giveback Programme Terms are effective as of the date you open elyps account and accept elyps Terms and Conditions. You should carefully review these Giveback Programme Terms alongside with elyps Terms and Conditions.

1. Inclusion of elyps Terms and Conditions

Elyps Terms and Conditions are hereby incorporated by reference into these elyps Giveback Programme Terms.

2. Confirmation of interest and acceptance

You declare that by using your elyps card and purchasing products and services on the elyps Lifestore constitutes your confirmation of interest in the elyps Giveback Programme. You may not withdraw your participation. If after a period of time established by elyps, you don't donate your accumulated Giveback Rewards to the NGO of your choice, we will donate the Giveback Rewards to the NGOs available in the elyps app, on your behalf.

3. Definitions

“elyps account” means a payment account provided by elyps, accessible to any person with a valid invitation, after a banking KYC process (verification of identity and physical address).

“elyps Giveback Programme”, “Giveback Programme” means the programme described in these terms of service.

"Giveback Rewards wallet" means the wallet where your Giveback Rewards will be saved, accounted for and displayed in the app.

"Giveback Rewards from Lifestore" means the Giveback Rewards earned on the purchases made directly from the Lifestore.

"Giveback Rewards from cashback" means the Giveback Rewards earned on all the purchases made with your elyps card.

“Giveback Rewards earned” means all the Giveback Rewards that you have received either by purchasing in the elyps Lifestore or with your elyps card.

"Giveback Rewards donated" means the Giveback Rewards donated by the user or on behalf of the user by elyps.

4. Giveback programme

4.1 Definition and objective

In order to be eligible to the programme, it is necessary to be an active member of the elyps community. By active, it means, having an elyps account, being fully onboarded and having an elyps card. The Giveback Rewards earned will not be available for transfers nor selling to third parties. The Giveback Rewards will only be able to be used in the giveback section of our app, where you will be able to see the NGOs that are part of the programme and eligible for donation.

4.2 Calculation of earned Giveback Rewards

The Giveback Rewards are earned every time you purchase with your elyps card in the equivalent amount of 0,1% of the total amount of your purchase. In the Lifestore, the amount can vary depending on the merchant and on the offer selected.

4.3 Eligibility

Everyone who is an active member of the elyps community is automatically entitled to earn Giveback Rewards when using the elyps card.

4.4 Donation of Giveback Rewards

The donation of Giveback Rewards is forbidden by elyps to any member of elyps or external people. The Giveback Rewards earned are untransferable and can only be donated by either the user or elyps to NGOs that are part of the programme and eligible for donation.

4.5 Giveback Rewards loss

As an active member of elyps, the Giveback Rewards cannot be lost. They will always be attached to your elyps account and phone number. In case of a phone loss, we will immediately block your account and your assets will be frozen, including the Giveback Rewards and your Giveback Rewards wallet.

4.6 Giveback Rewards transfer

All the Giveback Rewards earned are untransferable. Giveback Rewards may not be sold, auctioned, transferred, ceded, acquired, merged, traded, returned, exchanged, or transferred by you or any other third party. Giveback Rewards are fully personal to you.

5. Programme limitations

5.1 Modification and termination of the programme

elyps, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to impose the changes to the Giveback Programme Terms, or any of its features, without prior notice to the customer. Your continued use of the elyps account will constitute participation in the Giveback Programme.

5.2 Restrictions in the use of Giveback Rewards

Your Giveback Rewards are subject to be collected by elyps after 6 months of inactivity or lack of donation. The only way for you to donate your Giveback Rewards is through the elyps app, by selecting your preferred NGO for donation. It is not allowed to donate your Giveback Rewards to any other entity or retrieve the money back from the Giveback Rewards as monetary compensation.

6. Disclaimers

6.1 Your responsibility

You are responsible for reading the Giveback Programme Terms and Conditions in order to understand your rights, responsibilities, and status for the Giveback programme. Elyps may amend its rules of the Programme at any time without notice and shall notify the user in the case of any additional change. Elyps has no liability if your phone is lost, stolen and damaged. It is your responsibility to take care of your personal belongings.