To thank you for being a conscious, impactful and engaged member, instead of giving out cash as some companies do, we’ve taken a strong decision which is to give all our members elyps shares upon registration and when inviting friends. 


If you've maintained the Minimum Continuous Activity*, you can sell your elyps shares once a liquidity event** takes place. A liquidity event can be an initial public offering (IPO) or when the company is entirely or partially bought.


For more details, you can check out elyps Shareholder Programme terms.

*"Minimum Continuous Activity” means spending of 200 € per month or 3000 € on a rolling 12-month period with an elyps card (physical or virtual) and/or in offers presented in the elyps Lifestyle Marketplace, until a liquidity event
**"A liquidity event” is an acquisition, merger, initial public offering* (IPO) or other event that allows shareholders in a company to cash out some or all of their ownership shares. The most common liquidity events are initial public offerings*** (IPOs) and direct acquisitions by other companies or private equity firms.